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Reporting & Analytics

Innovative analytics that increase transparency to improve organizational metrics

The telecommunications industry is undergoing rapid change from a stable market to a highly competitive one. Telecom organizations, facing tremendous competitive pressure, now have at their disposal a vast array of reporting capabilities and tools to better understand the opportunities and challenges that constrain the growth of the business. Leaders face increasing pressure to make rapid decisions for pre-emptive advantage from an ever growing volume of data backed by strong tools. However, strong tools still require intelligent analysts with capability to deliver meaningful analysis extracted from good data.

We are skilled at turning operational data into strategic intelligence.  We know what front line managers and executives need to run their businesses and we tailor our reporting to your needs.  We do more than just deliver reports – we identify the drivers that can drive real change.  We also help you create the corrective incentives for your workforce and then help you measure performance to ensure improvement.


  • Lack of bandwidth from existing resources
  • Inability to hire, train, and retain analysts with the right skill set
  • Lack of skilled analysts with platform experience
  • Adopting industry best practices
  • Deploying best-in-breed processes and quality assurance
  • Ability to continually improve data quality and integrity​



  • Reporting and Dashboards
    • Establish a BI (Business Intelligence) Center of Excellence of any size for managing reports and/or warehousing BI solutions​
  • Competitive Intelligence
    • Benchmarking; customer journey analytics
  • Testing and Optimization
    • Predictive and prescriptive analytics;  reporting and analysis of customer behavior​


  • Access to industry and domain best practices  
  • Access to best-in-breed processes  
  • Structured methodology for consistency
  • Ability to Scale  
  • Positive ROI from offshore services  
  • Alignment of reporting aligned with Client’s strategic objectives​