Support Services

Reduce back office support cost associated with billing errors requiring correction

The cable and telecommunications industry has a complex tools environment that can drive complex billing problems requiring “off-phone” back office support and correction. These back office research teams are typically undermanned and unable to resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently or prevent multiple customer calls, ultimately leading to call escalation within the organization.  These teams often struggle to maintain a measure of progress and transparency.

At eClerx we leverage a robust in-house proprietary workflow that helps our agents deliver a higher resolution rate compared to in-house staff.  Our workflow ensures a controlled outcome of tickets to be reviewed by enforcing certain rules and criteria based on the client’s priority and needs.  Our agents work “high risk” transactions first while maintaining other turnaround commitments.

​We have in-depth experience and skill working on a variety of projects and processes including:​

  • ​​​Researching customer issues including call escalation issues
  • Researching credits and payment adjustments
  • Performing 3rd party Commissions Audits
  • Refund analysis associated with Pay-Per-View activity
  • Research and refunds from missing equipment
  • Batch posting of payments and credit adjustments​