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Technical Operations & Dispatch

Eliminate expense by reducing unnecessary truck rolls and cost effectively managing dispatch support

eClerx provides a broad array of services focused on reducing expense and improving customer experience within the cable and telecommunications industry.

  • Avoidable Truck Rolls – eClerx provides comprehensive troubleshooting solutions that identify truck rolls with an increased propensity towards avoidability.  This allows our highly skilled technical analysts to review, identify and contact subscribers with additional remediation and technical support to remotely resolve their technical issues. Our solution utilizes subject matter experts (SME’s) to provide partner management support and remediation to reduce service calls. Typically our clients receive a 3x to 4x return on their investment in our Avoidable Truck Roll services  
  • Self Install Kit Adoption – eClerx Self Install Kit (SIK) solutions positively impact budget re​sults by driving rapid growth in SIK orders.  We offer proven tools and solutions to identify opportunities to drive SIK adoption at point of sale. Typically our clients receive a 3x to 5x return on their investment in our SIK services.
  • Dispatch & Tiered Helpdesk Support – eClerx provides labor arbitrage using our well versed, degreed dispatchers and helpdesk analysts that have broad knowledge of the dynamic dispatch environment and Helpdesk solutions. This includes a working knowledge of the latest workforce management & remedy systems that are currently deployed within most major cable and telecommunications organizations. In addition, we have a 360⁰ model which allows our analysts to be shifted on demand to meet subscriber and client needs