Work Order Accuracy

Improve operating cash flow by eliminating provisioning issues and incrementally adding revenue

At eClerx we are focused on improving the quality of order entry to eliminate missed revenue opportunities, missed risk management steps, and incorrectly applied marketing campaigns that drain operating cash flow and negatively impact the customer experience.

We use a unique two-fold approach to recoup lost revenue:

  • Our traditional Revenue Assurance approach focuses on reactive account corrections where reports and scripts are run and corrective action is then taken to ensure customer accounts reflect accurate billing and are free of other provisioning or service impacting errors. The traditional revenue assurance approach offers our clients on average between 8x to 30x return on their investment for these services.
  • Our progressive Work Order Accuracy approach focuses on a proactive review of work orders to identify accounts with potential errors (encompassing provisioning, billing, and busi​​ness rules) and to fix them prior to order fulfillment – before they impact the customer. This progressive work order accuracy approach is backed by reporting & analytics to drive agent performance and offers our clients on average between 4x to 8x return on their investment for these services.
​With sustained engagement and focused calibration, our clients can anticipate improved Work Order Accuracy (WOA) driving positive momentum in first call resolution, average handle time, and revenue growth. Downstream benefits include reduced customer churn and unnecessary transactions including unnecessary calls and truck rolls.