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How Do You Effectively Retain & Engage Your Customers?

Broadband, Cable & Telecom

The traditional cable and phone infrastructure, along with hardware technology, is developing at ever more accelerated rates. The industry has now evolved to encompass digital media and wireless communication, both of which are at the heart of today’s connected society. This had led to an unprecedented set of challenges for the industry.

Vertical integration and emerging technologies that spawn unforeseen competitors have created increasing demands on sales and marketing organizations. From content acquisition to customer engagement, acquisition and retention, the rules have changed dramatically. Cable and satellite industry leaders are increasingly focused on business optimization, multi-channel data integration and first-class customer experience.

With expertise across sales and marketing, business intelligence, finance, and engineering operations, eClerx supports virtually all facets of the industry. Our process-oriented service delivery model can be adapted to any business need and challenge. That’s why we’ve partnered with three of the top 10 cable providers for the past six years, and that’s why we’re best placed to help you effectively engage with your customers.

Quality & Monitoring

  • In-house Monitoring & Analysis
  • 3rd Party Vendor Monitoring & Analysis
  • eCare Monitoring & Analysis
  • Call Optimization Project




Technical Services

  • Avoidable Truck Roll
  • Tiered Technical Support
  • Chat End User Services
  • Voice Provisioning
  • Home Security Provisioning

Work Order Accuracy

  • Work Order Accuracy
  • Billing Database  Support
  • Revenue Assurance
  • Batch Posting
  • Business Services Audit

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