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Driving Success in Technology through Agility and Innovation

High Tech

The high tech market is changing at a rapid pace. Data and Information are changing the landscape of how business is done. Many companies can see the value of transforming data into a strategic asset, yet few are positioned to do so. Without a robust approach and appropriate resources, many companies won’t meet the challenge to succeed in the information age.

Staying competitive in such a dynamic, challenging environment is no easy task. To be successful, organizations require a combination of innovation and operational capability.

In this new world of omni-channel consumers and dynamic markets, eClerx has the experience to drive substantial gains in performance across online/mobile/social, demand generation, data management, competitive intelligence, analytics, and marketing sciences.

The eClerx teams work swiftly behind the scenes to drive our client's competitive success and operational efficiency through collaborative partnerships and robust technology solutions.


  • The adoption of new and relevant technologies (social, mobile, big data, analytics) and integrating them efficiently into business processes
  • Capturing and capitalizing on the potential of big data, analytics, and marketing sciences
  • The  challenge of omni-channel outreach, from understanding customers and interactions across channels to sourcing the expertise and resources across the value chain to support outreach initiatives
  • How to manage the proliferation of data and its growth across customer, multichannel, ads, attribution etc
  • The complexity of managing and maintaining product catalogues, including the sourcing of data and content from a high volume of suppliers with varying standards of product data and assets


  • Data Management : Lead, Sales and CRM data enrichment, Production Data Management, Order Management Support, Business Performance Reporting, Master Data Management
  • Product : Product Data, SKU Creation & Update, Product Performance, Web Content Management
  • Customer : CRM and Insight Services, 360 View of Customer, Customer Value Management, Online Quality Assurance
  • CRM, Analytics and Business Intelligence : Web Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Market, Channel and Vendor Management, Customer Segmentation and Scoring, Customer Analytics and Campaign Management
  • Supply Chain : Channel Management, Vendor/Partner Analytics, Order Processing, Procurement Support
  • Commerce & Content : Online Catalog Creation, SKU Management, Promotional Merchandising, Content Management, Content Migration, Digital Asset Management, Social Media Analytics, Social CRM, Online Quality Management
  • Competitive Intelligence : Price Benchmarking, Catalog Benchmarking, Product Matching and Category Analysis, Competitor Benchmarking


  • ​eClerx brings a unique combination of industry specific experience and a disciplined approach that drives sustainable productivity with exceptional quality across the sales, marketing, and operation lifecycle
  • Utilizing industry best practices, eClerx provides an enriched approach to managing your mission critical business processes. Benefit from the partner who has driven efficiencies, agility, and innovations with some of the largest companies in the Fortune 500
  • Data is our business. We love complex data and our rigorous data management couples with high data quality to drive confidence and greater accuracy in analysis across the high tech industry
  • eClerx is a holistic solution. It partners technology companies with innovative digital operations, data management and analytics to achieve new levels of productivity and agility