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Omni-Channel Consumers in An Always-On World

Retail & eTail

We now live in an always-on world. The proliferation of consumption channels and the increasing demand for personalization in the customer engagement environment have become key challenges for the retail industry. Consumers have become omni-channel, engaging with brands through multiple touch points. All this generates a high volume of interactions and, more importantly, vast amounts of customer data.

In order to deliver a seamless and social shopping experience to a more multi-faceted customer base, retailers must make sense of this growing influx of data. Cross-channel catalog strategies and multi-dimensional product management are now paramount for those brands looking to engage with customers on a one-to-one basis.

At the heart of this lies the ability of retailers to remain agile. The rapid evolution of technology, tools, apps and competition means doing nothing is not an option. We believe that staying competitive is rooted in a brand’s ability to be both dynamic and innovative.


  • Rapid expansion of customer touch points – how to effectively identify, serve and personalize customer engagement and drive greater conversions
  • The proliferation of data and how best to manage it – retailers’ budgets and in-house talent simply can’t keep pace with the escalation in volume and complexity of data
  • Scarcity of affordable talent with the diverse skillset now required in an omni-channel world, especially in data management and analytics
  • The management and sourcing of inconsistent or low quality digital assets from suppliers


  • Product : Product Data, SKU Creation & Update, Product Performance, Web Content Management
  • Customer : CRM and Insight Services, 3600 View of Customer, Customer Value Management, Online Quality Assurance
  • Supply Chain : Channel Management, Vendor/Partner Analytics, Order Processing, Procurement Support
  • Community : Voice of Customer, Social Media Analytics, Social CRM, Customer Engagement
  • Store : Online Catalog Creation, SKU Management, Promotional Merchandizing, Digital Asset Management


  • ​Our deep customer insight across multiple channels enables more customized, timely engagement and promotions, driving increased loyalty and conversions
  • We love data. Our rigorous data management couples with high data quality to drive confidence and greater accuracy in analysis
  • High quality, low cost execution of online and marcomm operations, resulting in an optimal customer experience and increased conversions
  • An holistic solution. From online content management and digital analytics to campaign execution, choosing eClerx to focus on the operational enables your in-house team to focus on the strategic