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Optimal Customer Service Enabled

Retail Financial Services

Your customer interacts with you across myriad channels and demands excellent customer service regardless of the touchpoint with your institution.The digital and mobile age has super-charged this experience and also driven competitiveness from sources not even envisaged a few years ago.The key to success is to deliver highly personalized, relevant and timely content and a high quality experience to your customers, no matter where the interaction happens – online, mobile, phone, in person or via an ATM. 

This can best be achieved by mastering your data, aligning it with your customers’ needs and extracting the valuable insights from the huge body of information available using the ever evolving range of technology and tools available in the market.But with tight budgets, limited time and resources, how do you do what you know you have to do?


​Rapid expansion of customer touch points – how to effectively identify, serve and personalize customer engagement, and drive loyalty and cross- and up-sell opportunities

  • Management of proliferation of data (customer, multichannel, ads, attribution)
  • Scarcity of (affordable) talent with diverse skills now required in omni-channel
    world, especially in data management and analytics
  • Effective and timely creation, management and distribution of high quality content to increase engagement, sell new products and enable self-service where appropriate


  • ​Customer: CRM and Insight Services, 360 View of Customer, Customer Value Management, Campaign Management & Analysis
  • Online: Online Content Management and QA, Digital Analytics and Optimization, Digital Asset Management
  • Community: Voice of Customer, Social Media Analytics, Social CRM, Customer Engagement
  • Competitive Intelligence: Track competitor offerings and pricing


  • Deep customer insight across channels enabling more customized and timely engagement and promotions, driving increased loyalty and cross-sell/up-sell opportunities
  • Rigorous data management and high data quality driving confidence and greater accuracy in analysis
  • High quality, low cost execution of online and marcomm operations driving optimal customer experience and increased revenues
  • Realization of opportunity cost: by having eClerx focus on the operational, your in-house team can focus on the strategic