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Are Your Operations as Innovative as Your Products?


Innovation has always been synonymous with the software industry. Yet despite being one of the most innovative spaces in the world, some software companies’ operations are often stuck in the 20th century. Today, organizations that fail to keep pace with the rapid development of competition globally will eventually be left behind.
Software companies now face the challenge of combining agility, innovation and speed to market with attracting, capturing and continually engaging customers. At the foundation of this is good data and robust operations.
To tackle this challenge, several of the world’s leading software firms have partnered with eClerx since 2000 to drive process excellence, quality and innovation in their Digital Operations. With expertise across sales and marketing, customer care, business intelligence, finance and engineering operations, we offer unrivalled support via our process-oriented service delivery model to software providers around the world.


  • Marketing Effectiveness – How to cost effectively execute campaigns across the software industry and establish an holistic view of campaign performance and form meaningful insights
  • Channel Sales Effectiveness – Properly tracking and incentivizing channel performance
  • Effective Customer Care – Analytics and channel optimization across increasingly omni-channel customers
  • Management of Assets – Increasingly disparate digital assets mean managing them is becoming more of a challenge as campaigns become more frequent, global and targeted
  • Reporting – How to ensure global, timely, accurate, regular reporting given disparate sources, stakeholders, regions and divisions


  • Customer Data Management : Creation and Maintenance of one view of the customer
  • Customer Analytics : Combining the single view of the customer with multichannel analytics, including web, social, mobile, contact center and content consumption
  • Online Content Management : Ensuring high quality customer experience through presentation of consistently relevant and high quality product and content across global footprints
  • Campaign Execution : Production, QA and Execution of online marketing campaigns


  • eClerx has been working with some of the biggest names in the software industry for more than 10 years. All of our vertical leaders come from the industry too, meaning we combine experience with practical expertise
  • We love complex data. Our rigorous data management and high data quality drives confidence and greater accuracy in analysis
  • Our team are experts at delivering high quality, low cost marketing and content operations, driving optimal customer experience and increased conversions
  • eClerx helps optimize channel performance by focusing sales efforts and incentives for the greatest return. We are the holistic, and only, solution that software companies need