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Solve Your Digital Analytics Staffing Dilemma

Digital Analytics & Optimization

Digital Analytics teams often feel that they spend too much of their time on the basics of analytics: reporting, tagging, data quality checks and data reconciliations, and ad hoc requests. Management of a digital analytics and optimization team is made even more complicated by the broad range of activities and skills involved: data management experts to help transform raw data into useable information, digital marketing experts to interpret data and influence internal stakeholders, technical experts to ensure a high quality implementation, and the full gamut of technical, analytics, creative, and project management skills for running an A/B testing program.

Given limited budgets, geographic and cost restrictions on talent sourcing and the simple fact that these skills don’t exist in a single “unicorn” candidate, eClerx brings a cost-effective means to build out the key components of your team to tackle the time-consuming yet critical heavy lifting that get in the way of your in-house team focusing on the strategic, high value-add work.


  • ​Spending too much time on reporting
  • Too much reliance on manual processes / lack of automation and time to automate processes
  • Insufficient quality assurance on data being published
  • Missing or inconsistent tags leads to poor data quality
  • Too many ad hoc requests for data and analysis, not enough time to prioritize or respond to all of them
  • Very difficult to recruit, hire, train and retain properly skilled analyst team
  • Not enough resources to run a high-quality A/B testing program


  • eClerx provides highly-skilled, dedicated analysts who can perform the most time-consuming tasks, freeing up your internal analysts to focus on the highest impact activities for your business
  • Creation and management of all ongoing reporting
  • Design and management of a structured data and analysis request process, enabling effective prioritization of activities
  • Assistance with ad hoc data and analysis requests
  • Tag audits and implementation support
  • A/B testing support, including basic test development, pre- and post-launch QA, and test result analysis
  • Voice of customer and social media analytics


  • Eliminate the HR burdens of recruiting, hiring, training, retaining and re-sizing analyst teams
  • Access to digital analysts skilled across analytics platforms and techniques
  • Easily scale up or down your analytics programs and initiatives
  • Best-in-class automation and process control techniques