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eClerx to open a new delivery center in Fayetteville, N.C.


​​NEW YORK - February 24, 2017​​​

To diversify our offering for new and existing clients, and to fulfill niche US-driven client needs, eClerx Customer Operations (formerly eClerx Cable and Telecom) will open a delivery center in the spring of 2017 in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Fayetteville boasts several appealing factors which we believe are critical to success, including a bustling local community with access to a diverse labor force that draws upon military families and local colleges, an overall low cost of living, and reduced operating expenses. 

Our Fayetteville Technical Support Center will provide specialized customer and B2B care, as well as workflow optimization to leading clients within the US Cable and Telecommunications sector. The strong foundation of our US facility will also rely heavily on our diverse and capable talent mix, from leadership to support staff. We are currently hiring for a range of roles including Site Director, Training Manager, Human Resource Manager, Quality Assurance Analyst, Technical Support Agent, IT Engineer, and Office Administrator.

In total, we plan to hire 40 full-time positions between now and June 1st with planned continuous growth over the next 2 years. All new employees will work at our delivery center located at 235 N McPherson Church Road, which is an idyllic location for attracting highly qualified candidates. Technical Support Agent wages will start at a competitive hourly rate during and after training. All staff members will also be eligible for performance bonuses based on individual performance and the success of the center. eClerx also offers a comprehensive benefits package to all employees who join our team in Fayetteville, NC.

About eClerx: 
Our firm provides critical business operations services to 135+ global companies, including many of the world’s leading financial institutions, retail, cable and telecom, high-tech, and software companies, through operational support, data management, and analytics solutions. eClerx Customer Operations, a leading supplier of customer engagement tools for the Cable and Telecommunications industry, offers a wide range of career opportunities. Our 9000+ people around the world combine to create a wealth of knowledge and functional expertise that is unparalleled. It is the diversity of our people that is one of our fundamental strengths.

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