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Patients Aren’t Ready for Treatment

March 17, 2016 

By Stephen H. Yu, Target Marketing


In my job of being “a guy who finds money-making opportunities using data,” I get to meet all kinds of businesspeople in various industries. Thanks to the business trend around analytics (and to that infamous “Big Data” fad), I don’t have to spend a long time explaining what I do any more; I just say I am in the field of analytics, or to sound a bit fancier, I say data science. Then most marketers seem to understand where the conversation will go from there. Things are never that simple in real life, though, as there are many types of analytics — business intelligence, descriptive analytics, predictive analytics, optimization, forecasting, etc., even at a high level — but figuring what type of solutions should be prescribed is THE job for a consultant, anyway (refer to “Prescriptive Analytics at All Stages”). 

The key is to an effective prescription is to listen to the client first. Why do they lose sleep at night? What are their key success metrics? What are the immediate pain points? What are their long-term goals? And how would we reach there within the limits of provided resources and put out the fire at the same time? Building a sound data and analytics roadmap is critical, as no one wants to have an “Oh dang, we should have done that a year ago!” moment after a complex data project is well on its way. Reconstruction in any line of business is costly, and unfortunately, it happens all of the time, as many marketers and decision-makers often jump into the data pool out of desperation under organizational pressure (or under false promises by toolset providers, as in “all your dreams will come true with this piece of technology”). It is a sad sight when users realize that they don’t know how to swim in it “after” they jumped into it. 

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