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Still Trapped in the ‘Digital’ Silo

July 30, 2015 

By Stephen H. Yu, Target Marketing​


I don’t understand what “organic meat” is supposed to be. As opposed to what, “synthetic meat”? Last time I checked, we are still consuming body parts of dead animals, not some manufactured flesh out of factories or labs. In the future, we may be able produce just chicken breasts — though they are not exactly mammals — out of replicators using DNA samples of really tasty breeds. When that day comes, I will pay extra for “real” chicken meat, and I won’t mind calling it “organic.” But, at the risk of sounding too much like the late George Carlin, if they mean that they simply did not inject a near-fatal dosage of chemicals into these creatures until the moment of their beheadings, let’s just call them “chemical-free” chickens. 

I also get confused when I hear the word “digital marketing.” In comparison to what, “analog marketing”? That word made some sense when online marketing existed on a different plane, altogether. We all needed to differentiate old-fashioned direct marketers from the Internet-savvy ones, somehow. 

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