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What Does Personalization Mean to You

April 14, 2016​ 

By Stephen H. Yu, Target Marketing


We are still living through the aftermath of the Tower of Babel, though the main language of choice in the marketing, data and analytics industry remains English. Outside of the U.S., I speak at conferences and events in Korea, Brazil and the U.K. Even when I presented in Korean — with a PowerPoint presentation consisting entirely of English — I called data “Data,” though the pronunciation is more like “dei-tah” there. Korean business people love to say “Big Data” in English, though the meaning is quite different from what I am accustomed to. They use it with a much broader meaning than we do in America; they literally imply anything and everything related to data activities, small or big, raw or analyzed. Conversely, I have encountered groups of people in America who have a very narrow definition of it, whether it be about literal size, complexity or even specific platforms, such as Hadoop. I am sure each of you has a different notion of the word. 

Recently, I participated in a retail conference in London regarding “Personalization.” I was a panelist, and I noticed they spelled the word “personalisation.” I didn’t want to argue about how funny that spelling looked among folks from a country where the English language was literally spawned, but what is the point of having the letter “z” in the alphabet if they are not using it for a clear “z” sound? In any case, they too seemed to be searching for the meaning of the word in marketing, as the very first question to the panel was “What does personalisation mean to you?” Not surprisingly, each panelist provided different answers 

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